Trauma Therapy Boulder, CO

Trauma, in varying degrees, is fairly common. Its consequences can be mild or irritating, or can be debilitating and deeply disturbing. While it may seem like these painful patterns are nearly impossible to overcome, there exists an inherent capacity for profound healing and transformation within each of us. But how do we access it?

As your therapist, it is my role to guide you and help you develop these inner resources so that you can heal your trauma from within. 

The reactions and patterns that are developed when a traumatic event occurs in life it can cause us a lot of suffering and distress. Perhaps suddenly, confusing or difficult feelings can be triggered when it feels totally inappropriate or frustrating. These feelings and reactions can cause problems with our relationships, at work, or other areas. Our quality of life declines and we can spiral into chronic anxiety or depression. Perhaps we learn to suppress the feelings or avoid the triggers so that we can manage these disturbances. Unfortunately, we also cut ourselves off from a full and vibrant life. how can we regain access to the fullness, satisfaction, vitality, and wholeness that we once knew?

Thankfully, we never really lose our capacity to heal and grow. We may become frightened, or we may feel incapable, but once we spend time and understand the hidden wisdom of these patterns we have developed, there can be an opening or a gap which allows the intrinsic capacity for healing to come through. My job is to help you find this gap, to enter into your authentic, wise, and compassionate self so that you can live from that place.

In time, this capacity grows, and we find ourselves relating skillfully and compassionately with things that once seemed impossible to face.
Soon these disturbing feelings and triggers become more manageable, and eventually help us to deepen our capacity for growth and resilience. I will guide you into and through this process. I am confident that together we can your goals.

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