Inner Child Therapy, Boulder, CO

Imagine having a haven where you can go and explore your inner child—those memories, emotions, and experiences that shaped who you are today.

In the bustling city of Boulder, CO, you’ll find Space for Growth, where your imagination comes to life. Our experienced practitioner specializes in inner child therapy with empathy and expertise, walking you on this empowering path.

Let us be your companion as you uncover layers from your past, foster emotional well-being, and discover the splendor that makes up your authentic self.

Understanding Inner Child Therapy

What is it?

Inner Child Therapy is an approach to emotional healing and personal growth that aims to assist you in making connections between events from your childhood and how they may still be impacting you today.

Its main principle is acknowledging, understanding, and healing our inner child to bring about profound transformation and lasting emotional well-being.

How does it work?

Think of taking a journey back in time, where you rediscover all the feelings, dreams, and fears that once occupied you. The therapy facilitates this process by offering a safe and supportive space where you can gently explore your past in an atmosphere conducive to introspection and uncover buried emotions and unresolved issues from years gone by that continue to influence thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and interactions today.

Once you establish a stronger connection with your younger self, inner child therapy helps you learn to address past issues with empathy and understanding, breaking free from their constraints and fostering a newfound sense of self-compassion.

What are the Benefits?

The rewards of embarking on an inner-child therapy journey are manifold and enduring.

By addressing unresolved childhood wounds and traumas, you pave the way for emotional healing that radiates into your adult life.

  • Alleviate internal conflicts and contradictions.
  • Improve your ability to express emotions and needs.
  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms by addressing past wounds.
  • Experience a newfound lightness as you release pent-up emotions.
  • Alleviate anxiety by soothing your inner child’s fears and insecurities.
  • Establish healthy boundaries by acknowledging and addressing past experiences.


Is Inner Child Work Evidence-based?

The existence of the concept of inner child work might be new to you, its roots can be traced back to Carl Jung and his groundbreaking theories on child development. Jung (1875–1961), one of the most celebrated psychologists, popularized this term when exploring the divine child archetype. His focus was centered around unearthing, treating, and healing childhood traumas.

Over time, this concept has garnered much interest among prominent psychologists and psychiatrists who have explored its potential and integrated it into psychotherapy theories and interventions. Their research and adaptation efforts have made inner child work an established evidence-based approach for personal healing and growth.

Why is it Important to Heal Your Inner Child?

Your heart is like a garden, and within it resides your inner child—a younger version of yourself. Just like plants need care and attention to thrive, your inner child requires the same. This isn’t just an abstract idea; it’s a crucial step towards your emotional well-being, which leads to:

  • Emotional Freedom: Addressing the past frees you from carrying emotional baggage that weighs you down.
  • Self-Discovery: Exploring your inner child brings insight into the patterns and beliefs shaping your actions.
  • Self-Compassion: Cultivates a kinder relationship with yourself, boosting self-esteem.
  • Healthy Relationships: Healing your past wounds improves how you relate to others, fostering more genuine connections.
  • Stress Relief: Resolving old issues reduces inner conflicts, leading to less stress and more emotional balance.

Our Approach to Nurturing Your Inner Child

We understand that everyone has an inner child that requires nurturing and attention. Our goal is to provide you with everything your inner child needs to grow and thrive.

Integral to our approach, we have carefully created a safe and supportive environment where you will meet compassionate hearts, attentive ears, and an unfaltering support to explore your emotions and past wounds without judgment or haste.

Additionally, our highly trained therapists use a compelling blend of traditional and cutting-edge therapeutic approaches, including guided visualization, creative expression, EFT tapping, mindfulness practice, and breathwork, among others, in our toolbox for your holistic well-being.

Our Comprehensive Services

Individual Sessions

Imagine having the freedom and comfort to explore your emotions and memories without judgment, like you are talking to a friend. Our one-on-one sessions in Boulder provide such an environment.

Every session is structured specifically to meet your unique needs and goals. Our therapists begin by listening carefully, exploring your past for clues to current issues, and offering compassionate guidance in solving these obstacles towards living an abundant and fulfilling life.


Additional Therapeutic Modalities Combined with Inner Child Counseling

Inner Child Therapy is only one component of our holistic approach to healthcare; we integrate various therapeutic modalities seamlessly to deepen and expand your healing journey.

  • Mindfulness Meditation: Mindfulness practices enable you to remain present while building an intimate connection between you and your inner child.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques: Uncover past-based thought patterns and behaviors, then adjust them with practical strategies to create a more positive outlook.
  • Somatic Experiencing: Engage in body-based techniques to release stored emotions and trauma, creating feelings of safety and empowerment.
  • Expressive Arts Therapy: Use art, writing, and other creative forms of expression to give voice to your inner child’s emotions and find release in self-discovery.

Group Therapy Sessions and Workshops

Think of being in a room full of people who understand your journey because they’re on it themselves. That’s what our group therapy sessions and workshops provide: a space in which you can learn and grow together with others with the help of caring facilitators.

In other gatherings, you’ll hear stories and exchange experiences, leading you to gain strength from knowing others are going through similar experiences and walking similar journeys. Together, we foster an atmosphere where vulnerability is celebrated, support is abundant, and progress is cherished.

Introducing Our Inner Child Therapist: Charlie Meerts

Meet Charlie Meerts, an accomplished psychotherapist and your compassionate companion on your journey of inner child healing. His warm heart and vast experience make him the ideal partner in this transformative process.

His life’s purpose revolves around fostering spiritual and emotional growth, and he channels these profound insights to guide you. With Charlie, you’re also embarking on self-discovery and empowerment.

Charlie goes beyond providing insight; he believes strongly in translating knowledge into practical action, helping you develop healthy habits that bring peace and tranquility into your daily routine and make life more relaxed, satisfying, and joyful.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey of healing and personal growth, connect with us today via phone at 303-834-5369 or email at, and we’ll help you schedule a consultation or appointment that suits your convenience.

Our process begins with a free initial consultation where we learn about you, your needs, and your goals. Once we do that, we develop an individualized path for your therapy. Let’s open up the doors of healing together in beautiful Boulder!


1How long does Inner Child Therapy take?

The duration of therapy depends on individual needs and goals; progress may come in a few sessions or over a more extended period.

2Is Inner Child Therapy only for those with traumatic experiences?

No. It is for anyone seeking growth, healing, and self-discovery, even without experiencing trauma directly.

3Does Inner Child Therapy suit children or adolescents?

Primarily designed for adults, some techniques can be modified for use with younger ages in appropriate therapies.

4What are the length and frequency of your sessions?

Sessions usually last 60–90 minutes, and their frequency depends on your individual needs. Our skilled practitioners tailor a customized plan to promote healing and growth.

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