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Space for Growth offers attachment therapy in Boulder as a pathway toward understanding, healing, and fostering secure attachments.

As an experienced therapist, I delve into the science of attachment, exploring how early experiences can influence our behavior, emotions, and relationships. They then guide clients toward healing.

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Understanding Attachment Theory

Attachment Styles and Their Impact on Relationships

Attachment styles are like emotional blueprints that shape how we connect with others. These styles are formed in early childhood based on our interactions with caregivers.

There are four primary attachment styles:

  1. Secure Attachment: This attachment style promotes intimacy, independence, trust, open emotional expression, and healthier relationships among individuals.
  2. Anxious/Preoccupied: Individuals with this style often fear abandonment and seek constant reassurance, leading to overdependence on partners and relationship difficulties.
  3. Avoidant/Dismissive: People with this style tend to maintain emotional distance, value independence and self-sufficiency, and often avoid deep emotional connections.
  4. Fearful/Avoidant Attachment: This style combines anxious and avoidant traits. Individuals may want emotional closeness but fear getting hurt, leading to a push-pull dynamic in relationships.

The Importance of Addressing Attachment Issues for Personal Growth and Well-being

Our attachment style affects not only our romantic relationships but also our friendships, parenting styles, and overall emotional well-being. Therefore, addressing attachment issues is essential, as it helps us understand and heal the intricate patterns that shape how we connect with others.

Here’s why addressing these issues is crucial for your personal growth and well-being:

    • Confronting and processing attachment wounds develops the capacity to manage and regulate our emotions, leading to greater emotional well-being and stability.
    • Tackling these issues gives us the empowerment to break free from recurring patterns and create positive changes in our interactions with others.
    • Addressing attachment issues paves the way for more fulfilling relationships built on trust, empathy, and effective communication.
    • Healing relationship wounds can internalize a sense of being valued and cared for, positively affecting our self-perception.

Benefits of Attachment Therapy

Here’s how it can benefit you:

  • Healing past wounds
  • Improved communication
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Building trust and intimacy
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Enhanced emotional resilience
  • Lasting personal transformation

Attachment therapy is a journey beyond temporary fixes; it’s an investment in yourself and your relationships, leading to a more fulfilling and connected life.

My Approach

● Creating a Safe and Nurturing Therapeutic Environment
My therapy room offer a secure, welcoming environment that promotes open communication and emotional exploration, ensuring clients feel at ease while addressing related challenges.

● Qualified and Experienced Therapists Specializing in Attachment-Based Interventions
I specialize in attachment-based interventions, staying updated with theory and techniques to provide tailored support for individuals and families seeking to improve attachment dynamics.

Integration of Evidence-Based Modalities and Techniques Grounded in Attachment Theory
My therapeutic methods utilize evidence-based techniques to tackle various attachment-related issues, ensuring personalized and proven treatment for each individual’s unique needs.

Focus on Building Secure Attachments and Healing Attachment Wounds
I aim to help individuals build secure, healthy attachments by addressing past wounds, enhancing emotional well-being, and facilitating healing through collaborative therapy.

Common Issues Addressed in Attachment Therapy

Childhood Trauma and Attachment Disruptions
Childhood trauma and attachment disruptions can lead to insecurity, trust issues, and emotional challenges. Therapists provide a supportive environment to process these experiences and strengthen connections.

Difficulties in Forming and Maintaining Healthy Relationships
If you are facing recurrent conflicts in your relationships, attachment therapy can help by identifying patterns, developing communication skills, and understanding needs, leading to enhanced meaningful connections and reduced conflicts.

Fear of Intimacy and Emotional Closeness
A fear of intimacy or getting emotionally close to others can stem from past experiences where vulnerability led to hurt. Attachment therapy helps individuals explore and develop emotional intimacy by addressing past experiences of vulnerability and creating a safe space for growth.

Relationship Patterns Influenced by Attachment Styles
Attachment styles, influenced by early relationships, significantly influence our interactions with others. Therapists help identify these patterns, promote self-awareness and modify behaviors to foster healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

Parent-Child Attachment Challenges
If you’re a parent struggling to connect with your child or an individual affected by a challenging parent-child relationship, attachment therapy can help create a secure environment to foster positive affection dynamics, forming the foundation for future relationships.

Attachment Therapy Services I Offer

Individual Attachment-Focused Therapy Sessions
My one-on-one therapy sessions offer a space for individuals to explore their attachment journey, with compassionate therapists providing a safe space to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences, facilitating healing and building secure connections.

Family Therapy for Addressing Attachment Dynamics
My family therapy sessions focus on understanding, empathy, and communication among family members, helping parents strengthen parent-child bonds, navigate attachment challenges, and promote healthier interactions.

Play Therapy for Children with Attachment Difficulties
My play therapy sessions are designed to help children with attachment difficulties express themselves, and build trust. I use creative techniques to foster emotional well-being and social skills in a safe environment.

Therapeutic Interventions Informed by Theory
Based on attachment theory and scientific research, my therapeutic interventions are customized to individual needs using evidence-based techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness practices.

Psychoeducation and Guidance for Developing Secure Attachment
My services focus on equipping individuals with tools to deal with affection issues by providing psychoeducation on theory, styles, and relationships, leading to the development of secure attachments in personal and interpersonal relationships.

Meet Charlie Meerts: Professional Attachment Therapist in Boulder, CO

If you are embarking on a journey of healing and growth, Charlie Meerts, found of Spaces for Growth, is here to guide you.

Drawing from a wealth of knowledge and expertise, I am skilled in addressing personal and family attachment issues by tailoring their approach to meet specific needs. This leads to building resilience, understanding emotions, and establishing lasting connections.

In addition, I am not just a therapist but also your companion on your path to healing and connection. My commitment is to provide you with a haven free from judgment where your journey is respected and your growth is celebrated.

Why Choose Us?

  • Specialized Attachment Therapist
  • Focus on Creating a Secure and Trusting Therapeutic Relationship
  • Tailored Treatment Plans to Address Individual Needs
  • Confidentiality and Respect for Your Attachment Journey
  • Positive Testimonials from Clients Who Have Benefited from my counseling
  • Based near you in Boulder, Colorado


1What can I expect in an attachment therapy session?

In a session, a therapist will facilitate open conversations to help you understand and heal your attachment-related challenges, providing a safe space to explore your experiences.

2Will attachment therapy bring up painful memories?

While therapy may delve into past experiences, I approach this process with sensitivity and care. The goal is to support healing, not cause unnecessary distress.

3How long does attachment therapy typically last?

I work with you to determine the most suitable timeline for your treatment, ensuring that the benefits are delivered effectively and efficiently.

Resources and Additional Support

Recommended Books, Articles, and Resources on Attachment Theory

  1. Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find and Keep Love by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller
  2. The Attachment Theory Workbook: Powerful Tools to Promote Understanding, Increase Stability, and Build Lasting Relationships by Annie Chen
  3. Online articles from reputable sources like Psychology Today, The Gottman Institute, and the American Psychological Association (APA) on attachment and relationship dynamics

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Remember, seeking additional support is a sign of strength. And these resources are here to remind you that you’re not alone on your journey toward healing and growth.

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