Internal Family Systems Therapy Boulder, CO

Sometimes, in the course of life or in our youth, something painful or very upsetting causes us to develop a pattern that persists long after the cause has disappeared. because of this pattern, we react in familiar and ingrained ways to situations that feel similar.

Through internal family systems (IFS) we begin to befriend the parts of our emotional system that are stuck in these difficult patterns. As we do, we begin to connect with the parts of ourselves that are wounded or in pain. Often, these parts of ourselves have felt alone and isolated within our hearts and minds. By learning to relate skillfully with our defenses and learning how and why they developed the way they did, we gain access to our young, vulnerable, inner children Who need love and support.

It is as if suddenly The places that once scared us within reveal themselves to be lovable and vital aspects of ourselves. As this becomes clearer, we welcome back these disowned aspects of our self and regain vitality, compassion, joy, expression, and a host of other qualities that enrich and empower our lives.
This is a process of integration, where we regain connection with profoundly important parts that we had previously thought necessary to suppress or deny.

As your therapist, I will guide and facilitate you to experience and use your inner wisdom to reconnect with all of these parts of yourself at a pace that allows healing and relief to best occur.

Internal Family Systems is a powerful therapy modality that allows us to deeply address underlying causes of suffering and pain.

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