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Space for Growth offers an effective gestalt therapy in Boulder, CO and nearby. My therapy goes far beyond traditional sessions; it’s an engaging method that focuses on the present moment and fosters self-awareness while encouraging personal development. O

I am committed to helping you overcome life’s hurdles while unlocking your full potential and creating positive change.

Just take that initial step towards transformation by reaching out, and let us be your compass on this exciting, transformative path brimming with support and guidance.

Understanding Gestalt Therapy

What is Gestalt therapy?

Gestalt therapy provides an innovative psychotherapeutic approach that encourages individuals to embrace and explore their experiences and emotions in the here and now rather than dwelling on past or future events. By connecting to what’s happening right now, this therapy encourages patients to embrace what life has brought them and focus on living fully in this momentary existence.

Core principles and concepts of Gestalt therapy

At the heart of Gestalt therapy lies the fundamental principle that human beings are in a perpetual state of change and growth. This therapy encourages individuals to explore and embrace the various facets of their evolving selves. People can effectively address and resolve their inner conflicts by fostering self-awareness and taking ownership of their actions and emotions.
The fundamental aspects of Gestalt therapy include:
1. Holistic Perspective: Gestalt therapy considers individuals as whole beings with interdependent thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and experiences; thus, understanding these interdependencies is fundamental for personal fulfillment and well-being.
2. Here-and-now awareness: This concept promotes today’s awareness by engaging clients with their thoughts, emotions, and experiences in the present moment and leading them towards making healthier choices.
3. Personal Responsibility: An essential concept that empowers individuals to assume control of their thoughts, actions, and decisions that shape their lives, emphasizing they have an opportunity to make conscious and positive changes.
4. Contact and Resistance: “Contact” refers to how individuals interact with their environment and others, helping identify growth areas or points of resistance in society.

How Gestalt therapy works

Gestalt therapy operates through a dynamic and collaborative therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist. The therapist creates a safe environment for clients to explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors without judgment.

It utilizes open dialogue and experiential exercises to assist patients in becoming more in tune with the present by exploring bodily sensations, emotions, and nonverbal cues, ultimately contributing to a holistic understanding of themselves and fostering greater mindfulness of present experiences.

By fostering self-awareness, Gestalt counseling allows increased insight into behaviors, reactions, and ways of relating with others. Clients gain deeper knowledge of themselves that enables them to recognize unhealthy patterns or habits, implement more suitable coping mechanisms, or form more fulfilling relationships over time.

Benefits of Gestalt therapy

It offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased self-awareness: Clients develop greater insight into their thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns in order to facilitate personal growth and change.
  • Effective problem solving: Equips you with the resources to tackle challenges head-on and discover effective solutions.
  • Emotional regulation: Through increased awareness and exploration of their emotions, clients learn how to effectively manage and regulate their emotional responses.
  • Enhance relationships: By reflecting upon their interactions and communication patterns, individuals can strengthen existing relationships while developing healthier ways to interact with one another.
  • Authenticity and personal development: Therapy equips individuals to embrace their true selves, leading to personal development, self-acceptance, and empowerment.

My Approach

Space for Growth offers a tailored Gestalt therapy approach specifically for each of its customers so they may gain greater self-awareness and experience an enhanced quality of life.

My therapeutic process begins by welcoming you into an atmosphere designed to make you feel safe enough to open up and express yourself without fear of criticism or judgment.

Additionally, I employ various therapeutic techniques, including asking you thought-provoking questions that enable you to reflect on your emotions and thoughts. Sometimes, we step into role-playing exercises, helping you see situations from new angles. The empty chair technique, where you express unspoken feelings to an empty chair, can be surprisingly liberating.

Dreamwork is another fascinating tool I use. Your dreams are like coded messages from your subconscious, and I’ll help you decipher them to gain insights into your inner world. All this helps uncover patterns, hidden truths, and potential, enabling positive changes, emotional healing, and a fulfilling life.

Services I Offer

1.   Individual gestalt therapy sessions

My one-on-one gestalt treatment sessions focus on individual growth and emotional well-being. During the session, the therapist listens to concerns and creates a welcoming environment for open dialogue. They ask thought-provoking questions and use exercises to gain insights, revealing patterns that may hold you back. This knowledge can help you make conscious choices, develop healthier coping strategies, and cultivate relationships that are more satisfying.

2.   Integrated holistic therapeutic modalities

I believe in a holistic approach to healing. That’s why, in addition to Gestalt counseling, I may integrate complementary modalities like mindfulness practices, art therapy, role-playing, dreamwork, or cognitive-behavioral techniques. These enrich your experience and provide various tools to navigate life’s challenges.

3.   Group therapy and workshops

Led by experienced facilitators, my group therapy sessions create an inviting space where you can find comfort, understanding, and learning from others journeys, thus deepening and broadening your own.

In addition, my workshops cover various topics, ranging from stress management and building healthy relationships to personal development, providing useful tools and insights that you can immediately implement into your daily life.

Gestalt Couples Therapy

Challenges can arise in the realm of relationships, where two unique individuals intertwine their lives. That’s where my gestalt couples therapy steps in, offering a bridge towards understanding, growth, and stronger connections.

In my sessions, I focus on creating a safe space for both partners without bias to express themselves, helping them navigate challenges healthier and more constructively.

I act as a navigator, guiding couples through emotions and interactions and helping them understand behavior patterns, communication styles, and unresolved issues. Through personalized exercises, conversations, and reflections, couples gain insights into each other’s perspectives, building a stronger foundation for their relationship.

Our Gestalt Therapist in Boulder: Charlie Meerts

Meet the heart and soul behind Spaces for Growth: Charlie Meerts.

Charlie boasts an impressive resume in counseling and psychology, boasting both academic credentials as well as genuine concern for your wellbeing. Furthermore, he specializes in various therapeutic modalities as well as having extensive training in Gestalt treatment.

As your therapist, he will lead you on an exploratory journey that helps uncover layers of your experiences and understand their impact on you today. With his guidance, you will challenge your perspectives and emerge more robust and empowered.

Getting Started

Embarking on your journey toward self-discovery and healing is just a step away. You can contact me through phone (303-834-5369) and email ( options. For added convenience, fill out this online form for a free initial consultation.

In your free initial session, I will meet with you to share your goals, concerns, and story with them, gain an understanding of your unique needs, and create a path forward together.

Now is the time to take that initial step towards self-discovery, growth, and healing.


1How long are the therapy sessions?

My individual Gestalt therapy sessions typically last around 45 minutes to an hour. Group therapy sessions and workshops may vary in duration.

2What if I'm not comfortable in group settings?

I understand that group settings may not be for everyone. I offer both individual therapy and group therapy options to cater to your preferences and comfort level.

3How can I choose the ideal therapist?

My professional and compassionate therapists are standing by to guide your journey. In your initial session with them, you'll have an opportunity to establish a connection and assess if their approach suits your needs and goals.

4How often should I attend therapy sessions?

Your session frequency depends on your goals and needs; many clients begin with weekly sessions before making adjustments as progress is made.

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