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I’m so glad you are here. I am here to help free you from your past trauma and align you with your deepest self. I have a broad spiritual approach that embraces every aspect of our human condition and employs the deepest internal resources we have to achieve lasting healing and relief. I work with childhood trauma and attachment experiences in both individuals and couples.

Our attachment styles form the basis for so many of our experiences and behaviors. I will help you to connect deeply with your inherent wisdom and wholeness and to unburden old feelings. Whether you are experiencing anxiety or trauma; struggling with your sexuality, spirituality, or intimate relationships; or feeling generally held back by internal or external obstacles, you have come to the right place. Let’s discover together what it feels like to be free and connected to your purpose once again.

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Seeking the skillful help of someone who can light the way is a wise decision. We all have a deep capacity...


Intimacy and relationships are both challenging and spectacularly wonderful. We all contain the capacity...

Trauma Therapy and
Attachment Therapy

Sometimes we need to go even deeper in order to heal the wounds of a difficult past. Many negative patterns...

What Makes Therapy Effective?

The most important factor is the quality of the relationship between you and your therapist. An effective therapist will listen deeply – help you to be seen and felt. I have the skills, experience, and warmth to allows you to feel at ease while gently guiding you through the difficult areas. I have been trained extensively in both therapy and spiritual intuition. Over a lifetime of exploring emotionally and spiritually, I have gained the capacity to be present to other people’s suffering and trauma, while also perceiving their joy and their expansive qualities. Together, we will be able to encounter that which holds you back, and I will support you and your inherent wisdom in the facilitation of profound change and self-compassion. As a devoted practitioner of therapy and spirituality, I provide a compassionate and sacred space for your truest self to emerge, be embodied, and become integrated into your everyday life.

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